Monday, May 16, 2011

Sick and tired

I am getting so sick of these people at Social Security! Now I have to deal with them again. My lawyer is getting ticked at them now. I have to fill out the exact same papers as I did before. When I appealed their choice on denying me, I filled out everything. When I first applied, I filled out the papers. Everything I have to do, it is the SAME papers. Do they really think what I write is going to change? Do they think a few months later will change that I have scoliosis? Do they think that they are going to win this?

I will fight this till I win. I need this income, I can't work. What employer would want to hire me, a person who is sick almost 24/7? I mean sure, I can go a few days/weeks being "okay" but then I can have anything happen to me at any time and I'll be out for a few weeks to a year. Who knows if I will ever need another spine surgery. Who knows if I will need my sinus' done again. Who knows when the next cyst will pop up (like now.)

I mean, right now I am looking at needing my thyroids out and having my new cyst removed. That is two surgeries right there! I need my knees done too, but I have no clue when I can do that.

Now I have to sit and fill out all these damn papers again?! I'm so SICK of this shit. I thought this would have been easy and made my life better. Boy was I wrong!! Now I have to go fill out the same fucking papers as I always do. How fun? This is just how I wanted to spend my night!



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