Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Dopey's Birthday

Today is Dopey's birthday.

He is now two years old!!!!

For dinner, he (and Zoe) will be having HAMBURGERS for dinner!! I went to the store just for him. Am I nuts?

My Grandfather (his Great Grandfather) is cooking it for him!! ------->

He will love it I bet. My Grandfather loved doing it. Thought it was really funny to do it too.

BURGER IS DONE!! <----------

Dopey was going nuts for it. He was running in circles and freaking out. I cut it up really fast into bite size chunks and he woofed (no pun) it down!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

R.I.P. Sugar

I walked into Petco in Ellicott City one day for the normal list of Guinea Pig supplies for Teddy. The manager knew me then and said he just got a drop off of a female Guinea Pig. "She comes with a cage, bowls, water bottle, litter and food. Want to take a look? You can take her for free if you want, no one knows she is here yet." I sighed, said okay then. When I went up to her cage, she was racing and running. She had moved her bowls and Pigloo around into a figure eight. I watched Sugar running around them, jumping up and down from her Pigloo. Laughing at her, I told my Mom "we have to take her!"

She settled into her new home nicely. Her and Teddy got along really well. He would protect her and guard her with his life.

Once he died, she stopped eating and became very depressed. After a few months, she didn't stop. That is when I adopted Poe and Einstein. She perked up, started eating and running around again. Till about two weeks ago. She wasn't eating, drinking or talking.

It was only six days ago when I found out that Miss. Vanilla Sugar Latte had Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma.

She put up a good fight.

I will miss my Free Piggie.
Rest In Peace Sugar
November 24, 2007 - June 12, 2011

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Sugar and clay

Hey everyone.
Sugar is doing okay. She started having diarrhea. (I think it is good, seeing as she was not doing anything before this!) She peed today also. I hope they are good signs and not signs of incontinence. She went to the vet with her pal, Einstein. He kept her calm for the most part. When the vet tech had me to her IV injection, that killed me because she was screaming in pain, she ran right into the crate with him once she was done. He pushed her behind him and glared at us. I swear he was thinking he would bite us if I touched her again.

She started her medication also. It should shock/shrink/destroy the cancer. Let's hope right? I mean at this point that is all I have to go with. Right now, all three piggies are resting. Sugar does nothing but sleep, unless I get her out for her medication. After her first dose today, she seemed to perk up a bit. She was walking around on the couch a little bit too. I didn't want her doing to much, so she won't stress herself out.

I have done nothing but cry sense I found out. My emotions and nerves are just shot at this point. I know I am having some kind of break down right now. I get up everyday and keep going on with life, but I feel like I am on auto pilot now. I get up, do what I have to do and go back to bed, only to do it all over again the next day.

Poe is the brown one. Einstein is the grey one. Sugar is the yellow/white one.

I still miss her mate, Teddy. He was my second Guinea Pig. Dink was my first, when I was like 6 I think? So I have now owned a total of five Guinea Pigs. Two have died, one is dying and two are (hopefully) healthy.

I need my SSDI more then ever right now. I want to take Poe and Einstein in for full check ups.


On another note: I started my adventure into Polymer Clay! I made a few things tonight. I hope they turned out okay. I will know by afternoon. I will post photos then too. Does anyone know how to make a light box/take good photos?


Tuesday, June 7, 2011

First Etsy Listing!!

I just listed my first post on my Etsy shop. I have tried Craigslist, Yardsellr and other sites to sell the yarn skeins I don't want. No luck yet, simply because I can not ship them. One, I think it would cost WAY to much to ship them. Two, I can not find a box (ANYWHERE) that they will fit in.

I have to get them out of my room. I will never use them, I will not be able to keep storing them. THEY HAVE TO GO!!

Local pick up, cash only and please bring your own box to put them in.


PS: I have some bad news. The vet called me today regarding Sugar. She has Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma. It is in her spleen now too. I will take her back to the vet today, so I can learn to give her fluids and try some medication on her. She said Guinea Pigs do not respond to chemotherapy. There is another medication that she and other vets have had some luck with in the past. That is what we will try (I can not remember the name of it.)

I really don't know if I can take anymore. I keep taking everything that is thrown at me, brushing myself off and moving on. When till that get old?? Please pray for her, myself and my family. Thank you. I will keep you posted on her.

Monday, June 6, 2011

End Of The Line..

For my pool..
RIP my dear pool. The only thing keeping my dog's and I cool on the hottest days of the summer. The only thing giving me a break from the "nut house" that I live in. The only thing keeping Dopey knocked out all day after an hour in the pool.

My Dad won't get back to me on an AC unit, so I highly doubt he will. Like always, my Grandfather will have to find the money to support me. I am starting to think the same way as the other Grandkids, that he is my real father. After all, he has been the one to be by my side (drunk as hell but still) and always support me. To take care of me and help raise me.

Where was Mike? For the most of it, down the street with his, now, ex-wife. Never a phone call, birthday present or even a card in the mail. My Grandmother would send me cards at least. (She stopped after a while, but at least she made the effort.) I would see EVERYTHING that came in for me. My mom, grandfather and everyone else never held any of it back.

ANYWAY, now I have no pool, ac and the summer is barely started. I am going NUTS living here and I think I'm having a mental break down. Before the month is out, don't be shocked if I am in the mental ward in the hospital.

Just saying.

Saturday, June 4, 2011


Yesterday, my mom noticed that my Guinea Pig (Sugar) had a lot of stuff around her eyes. It looked bad and she was struggling to breath. I called the vet, thinking it was an upper resp.

Boy was I wrong..
I took her today, the vet said "possibly cancer of the lymph nodes". Six tests later, a bag of fluids and a dose of medication, it was $204.60.

I don't have that kind of money to spend!!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Hold back tears..

Why is it that every time she comes over, we talk a bit and then she leaves, I cry my eyes out?? What the fuck is wrong with me?
I really don't understand why I do that. Nor what it is about her that makes me like this. Maybe my emotions are just built up to much. I mean, I don't talk more then 20 words a day. In 24 hours, 20 words is nothing. I should just be a mute at this point in time. It would be about the same. I keep everything to myself because I tend to piss everyone off when I don't. YET, I piss everyone off when I do. So where do I win in my life? I don't care how hard I bust my ass to make everyone like me and to keep everyone happy, no one gives a shit.

I keep EVERYTHING inside me. I don't think anyone knows the real me and at this point I have been so fake to be likable, I don't know the real me. I'm having some major problems and I have NO ONE to talk too. I have no shoulder to turn to. I have nothing and no one. I am ALWAYS the person to turn too, the shoulder to cry on. When is it my turn?

I feel like the real me is about to die and the shell (aka the fake one) is about to just shine and smile 24/7.

I barely cry anymore, when I do, it's only in aproriate moments. Like a funeral, bad news, good news. You know, the times when real people have emotions. I feel like I am on autopilot and I'm not really awake. I just get up and do what I got to do and go back to sleep. I want to drink, smoke and screw around. I feel crazy, I'm told I am, why not start acting like it??

I swear, if I wasn't broke, I would be at a bar right now hitting on the ugliest fuck there and bumming ciggs from everyone. I just don't know what to say to please anyone anymore. I am out of ideas.. Drained..