Monday, June 6, 2011

End Of The Line..

For my pool..
RIP my dear pool. The only thing keeping my dog's and I cool on the hottest days of the summer. The only thing giving me a break from the "nut house" that I live in. The only thing keeping Dopey knocked out all day after an hour in the pool.

My Dad won't get back to me on an AC unit, so I highly doubt he will. Like always, my Grandfather will have to find the money to support me. I am starting to think the same way as the other Grandkids, that he is my real father. After all, he has been the one to be by my side (drunk as hell but still) and always support me. To take care of me and help raise me.

Where was Mike? For the most of it, down the street with his, now, ex-wife. Never a phone call, birthday present or even a card in the mail. My Grandmother would send me cards at least. (She stopped after a while, but at least she made the effort.) I would see EVERYTHING that came in for me. My mom, grandfather and everyone else never held any of it back.

ANYWAY, now I have no pool, ac and the summer is barely started. I am going NUTS living here and I think I'm having a mental break down. Before the month is out, don't be shocked if I am in the mental ward in the hospital.

Just saying.

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