Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Sugar and clay

Hey everyone.
Sugar is doing okay. She started having diarrhea. (I think it is good, seeing as she was not doing anything before this!) She peed today also. I hope they are good signs and not signs of incontinence. She went to the vet with her pal, Einstein. He kept her calm for the most part. When the vet tech had me to her IV injection, that killed me because she was screaming in pain, she ran right into the crate with him once she was done. He pushed her behind him and glared at us. I swear he was thinking he would bite us if I touched her again.

She started her medication also. It should shock/shrink/destroy the cancer. Let's hope right? I mean at this point that is all I have to go with. Right now, all three piggies are resting. Sugar does nothing but sleep, unless I get her out for her medication. After her first dose today, she seemed to perk up a bit. She was walking around on the couch a little bit too. I didn't want her doing to much, so she won't stress herself out.

I have done nothing but cry sense I found out. My emotions and nerves are just shot at this point. I know I am having some kind of break down right now. I get up everyday and keep going on with life, but I feel like I am on auto pilot now. I get up, do what I have to do and go back to bed, only to do it all over again the next day.

Poe is the brown one. Einstein is the grey one. Sugar is the yellow/white one.

I still miss her mate, Teddy. He was my second Guinea Pig. Dink was my first, when I was like 6 I think? So I have now owned a total of five Guinea Pigs. Two have died, one is dying and two are (hopefully) healthy.

I need my SSDI more then ever right now. I want to take Poe and Einstein in for full check ups.


On another note: I started my adventure into Polymer Clay! I made a few things tonight. I hope they turned out okay. I will know by afternoon. I will post photos then too. Does anyone know how to make a light box/take good photos?


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