Thursday, August 4, 2011


I thought my blog could use a new layout. After 51 posts, I think it is time for a change. Seeing as my real world life is changing, I think my blog should change with it.

Yesterday, 8/3/11, I could not get out of bed and needed help. I spent all day resting. Until my cousin came over. He hasn't been here in over two years. First time for him and Dopey meeting. They got along really well. Joe listened to everything I had to say, so Dopey behaved. Just goes to show I know what I am talking about when it comes to training him. Joe loved him and only after about 5 minutes, Dopey could be unleashed and let go on his own.

Right now he is sleeping on my bed while I sit here with my back against a heating pad. I will have to call my back dr today to see if I can get an appointment. This pain and moving problem is just getting worse. I hope it has nothing to do with my car accident back in November. If it does, I will be really fucked. I REALLY hope it is not my bed. There is nothing I can do about that. I was denied my disability again. Now my lawyer asked for a hearing in front of a judge.

I did not want it to go this far, but I have no choice at this point. I'm broke, my Grandfather is broke and in debt. I just don't know what else to do at this point. HELP?!?

On another note: I wish I had the money for my GED, then I could take it again so then I could take a writing course at CCBC. I think I might pursue my writing dream. I just don't know how long this will last :P

Seeing as I get bored really fast. Like knitting, I am over it and just have all my stuff sitting on a desk collecting dust.

Well, it's almost 4AM now. I think I will go to bed.
Pass my blog along to your friends and family. I want this thing to start rocking. ;-)



  1. I really hope you'll get to do writing like you want to!

    I can't even imagine all the pain you have. I've had problems with my lower back for a while and now I've had fever and terrible cough for 9 days (it's finally going away now though) which has made my back much worse so I definitely feel you since you have it 58485309 times worse!

  2. Thanks Nonna! I really want to try it out. My cousin has a few friends who know publishers. Maybe this is a good thing? I don't know. Only time will tell!!

    Any kind of pain sucks. The pills you have to take do nothing but knock you out. Then you don't feel anything at all. :P

    Were you sick or just a cough? I hope you are better now!! Oh, I might have asked (you might have told me too) but did you get my last letter while you were in Belgium? I hope so!!

  3. I had flu and for me it always comes with crazy cough and this time with crazy fever too. But yeah, it's starting to slowly be better. And yeah! I got your letter back then. I'm going to answer it when I'm in Finland again (now I'm in Belgium looking after a cat.. :D)

  4. I haven't had the flu in a long time. I stopped getting it when I stopped getting my flu shot. Despite what everyone thinks, the flu shot contains the virus. So it makes you get the flu easier but then the dr tells you the shot makes you get over it quicker. I stopped getting my shot, stopped getting the flu. :P

    I hope you get 100% better! It does suck to be sick.

    I'm glad you got it, I just couldn't remember if you did get it or not. :P Reply when you get the time. :D